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What We Believe


More Light Presbyterians
PMB 246
4737 County Road 101
Minnetonka  MN  55345-2634


To Whom It May Concern:

For nearly a year, the Session of First Presbyterian Church in Caldwell, Kansas has been in careful prayer and study with regard to Amendment 10a and the issues surrounding it.

As a result of these meetings, the Session endeavored to find ways to live into the radical hospitality and inclusivity demonstrated by the life of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Gospel.  Recent discussions between members of the Session and members of the congregation, as well as passage of 10a on the national level have only served to strengthen the Session’s strong conviction  that Christ’s Church should be a sanctuary in every sense of the word; a place of welcome that all of God’s children can call home.

While we welcome and affirm the passage of 10a, as a Session we do not believe the amendment went far enough.  G-2.0104b was simply a polity solution to a theological question.  It is for this reason that, on Wednesday, November 9, 2011, the Session of First Presbyterian Church, Caldwell, KS voted unanimously to affiliate, minister and witness as a More Light Presbyterian Church.  In doing  so, the Session affirms that the Gospel of Jesus Christ and this community of faith belong to ALL of God’s children,  including those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered. 

We believe that God’s Holy Spirit is at work within us and among us; ALL of us, and that God has gifted each one of us in many and diverse ways.  We believe that it is in our diversity that our unity is made stronger and the fullness of God is made manifest.  Therefore, we affirm and honor ALL who have been called to the ministries of ordained leadership and life in the Church, who have pledged themselves to the difficult task of “joyful submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.”

The Session of First Presbyterian Church Caldwell does not believe it is alone in its understanding and encourages all likeminded congregations to join us in this affirmation. 


Robert Barrett, Pastor     -     Rev. Diane Monger, Moderator     -    Lu Ann Jamison, Clerk of Session